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and one day just like magic

we're all going to die

22 April
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athena pierce
90210, anberlin, anime, anne boleyn, ashley tisdale, blair waldorf, blair/chuck otp, books, britney spears, cats, christina aguilera, college, demi lovato, dexter, disney shows, drawing, edward cullen, emma watson, fall weather, friends, gossip, gossip girl, green tea, halloween, harry potter, harry/hermione, haute couture, henry viii, hot pink, house parties, igby goes down, in style, intelligence, ireland, irregular choice, jack's mannequin, jane austen, japanese literature, jena malone, johnny depp, karlie kloss, kirsten dunst, kristen bell, kurt halsey, languages, learning, leighton meester, literature, lolita, london, lost in translation, love, lucky magazine, lula magazine, luna lovegood, lush eloquence, mac, magazines, make-up, marc by marc jacobs, margot tenenbaum, marie antoinette, married life, mary-kate, miley cyrus, mojitos, movies, mulberry, music, nabokov, new york city, nordstrom, norwegian wood, novels of manners, paramore, paris, photography, photoshop, php coding, pink, postcards, pretty things, psychology, rachel bilson, raspberry macarons, reading, robert pattinson, röyksopp, scarlett, scented candles, seattle, see by chloé, selena gomez, serena van der woodsen, seth cohen, sewing, sex, sex & the city, shopping, sleeping, sofia coppola, sondre lerche, splashdown, sprite, starbucks, steampunk, stephen fry, stripes, summer, supernatural, sushi, tanning, taylor momsen, television, texting, the kills, the oc, the secret history, the soup, the virgin suicides, theremin, true blood, twilight, two way monologue, two-tone dresses, vampires, vanessa hudgens, veronica mars, video games, vintage clothing, waiting for packages, walking, wavy hair, wayfarers, wes anderson, wii, wintry seashores, writing, zac efron, zanessa