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Thank God it's Friday

 I haven't been able to blog! I've had so much fun this week since I came home for Thanksgiving Vacation. Me and Heidi went to a party the day I got there and got trashed. I felt horrible the next day because I had to get up early

Yesterday I went to the city. Miranda Cosgrove's new song is cute, and Miley was also great. It was super cold! I love it in the city. I loved the Pikachu and Pokeball balloon. After, we went and ate at the Heartland Brewery. It was so good! I love all the food there, but I mostly at appetizers. The sample dish was so great o m g. I love the wontons and the hamburgers and omg everything!

I didn't go shopping today. I heard people go TRAMPLED to death and a woman has a miscarriage! That's really horrible. What do I want for christmas? Not much. Clothes mostly, but money is great.

I don't really have much else to say. I'm going out tonight!
Tags: holiday, home, life, new york city
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